We bought the TVR after having been looking to buy a decent Ford Capri, but I couldn't find anything of 2.0 or 2.8 variant that was in decent condition for the budget we had, everything decent was circa £10,000 and above.


Strangely, Ebay provided the TVR as a recommend car, I assume as the similarity being the 2.8 Ford V6 engine it has fitted and the budget within the search parameters. The photographs provided within the advertisement looked great. I had always loved TVRs and so it was well worth a look as an option.

The car was located in Berkshire and so after having a telephone discussion with the seller, we made our way over on a lengthy journey to see the car. 

The car appeared in good order. The seller made us aware of a problem with a leak on the engine / exhaust, which seemed not to be an issue we could not overcome. 

We bought the car for £6,500. The car was delivered to us on a trailer, as I made the decision not to take a chance driving a 1980's car back on a motorway without knowing enough about it. 

We tell you a little about us here.

There is a short video of the car being delivered here.

TVR S1 Leather Interior


If you are looking to buy a TVR S series, you should include the following areas in your inspection;

  • Chassis outrigger members.

  • Condition of rear suspension trailing arms.

  • Engine coolant overheating.

  • Bonnet latches (bonnet not staying locked over bumps).