Image by Markus Spiske

The first MoT certificate issued in 1991 bears the registration mark TVR 209S. 

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The car was registered in September 1988.

Our TVR is one of only 605 TVR 280 S series 1 cars built by the factory.

The car was the last but 39th car built before the S1 series ceased production.


The engine in our TVR car was built by Ford on 23/8/1988.

The car was supplied by David Gerald Sportscars in Worcester.


Registration Marks Transfer

Originally registered F654 RAB

To April 1995  TVR 209S

April 1995 to 2002  F654 RAB

May 2002  to October 2019 - MIL 1702.

October 2019 to present - Reverted to F654 RAB following the sale of registration mark MIL 1702.



1993  Owned by a gentleman in Holyport, Berkshire.

1995  Owned by a gentleman in Royston, Herfordshire.

1995 / 1996  Owned by a gentleman in Maidenhead.

1997  Owned by a gentleman in Royston, Hertfordshire.

1999 to 2001 Owned by a gentleman in Cambridgeshire.

2001 to 2003  Owned by a gentleman in North West London. 

2004 / 2006 Owned by a gentleman in Milton Keynes.

April 2008 to 2014  Owned by a gentleman in Appleby in W Morland.

Oct 2014 to Jun 2019  Owned by a couple in Lancashire.

Jun/Jul 2019  Briefly owned by a trader in Berkshire.

We purchased the car in July 2019.

Using the historic records that came with the car, I have been able to account for all but two of the owners / keepers of the car since it was registered in 1988.

A Previous Registration Mark: TVR 209S

This registration mark was removed from our TVR in 1995. It is currently allocated to a 1989 TVR with a 2.9 litre engine, suggesting it is likely to be an S series vehicle. It would be nice to know what car it is being used on in order to fit in the piece of the puzzle in respect of our car's history.

TVR 209S - 1990s

We have received the below photograph from a previous owner of our TVR. The gentleman owned the car for about a year or so in the early 1990s. He has actually owned five S series cars.

As you can see in the photograph, the car had mercury grey paintwork, and also had red oxblood half-hide interior. 

The car also had period Cibie spotlights at the time. The car still retains the original correct wheels of the 1980s. 

TVR 209S Sorn Sept 2019.PNG
Our TVR 280S in 1990s with the registrat
TVR first MoT cert 1991.jpeg

Invoice in 2016 for new leather interior trim, carpet set and new hood. Total cost £2800.00.