Clutch Slave Cylinder

After a few journeys I noticed that I had to top up the clutch fluid by the equivalent of a millimetre or so within the reservoir. 

I took a look underneath while replacing the engine oil and filter and noticed that the slave cylinder was wet and had obvious signs of leakage.

After making some enquiries I was told the best place to buy a replacement part was TVR Parts Ltd, providing the unit had not had the pipe modified. If it had it would mean that a Land-rover part would fit instead, apparently a common modification.

As it turned out, I located a company who made up a new metal pipe with the required fittings, then allowing me to purchase a Land Rover clutch slave cylinder.

TVR S 1 clutch slave cylinder

I found that the bracket for the slave cylinder was cracked, allowing the slave cylinder to move relative to the bracket when the clutch pedal was depressed. 

The bracket was cleaned and re-welded by a local engineering company, and then coated to protect it.

TVR S1 Fractured Weld Clutch Slave Cylin