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Low Cost TVR V8 S3 Entry Point Car.

TVR V8 registered in September 1991. At the time of writing bidding stood at £1,305.

Registered: J868 LKE

For those with a small amount of money to outlay initially, and then feed into as time goes on, this is a great entry to the hobby. Not everyone has bucket loads of cash in the bank or under the mattress. Be nice to see this bought and restored.

The V5 states the car is a 290S model, meaning that normally it would have a 2.9 litre engine fitted, but the car has a V8 engine fitted, making it in this case a 3,947cc engine.

In the early days of building cars TVR didn't seem to get their administration of V5 paperwork quite right.

The last MoT test certificate expired in December 2014. The recorded mileage is around 93,000 miles.

The seller says that he/she has owned the car since 2013 and was purchased new by his/her uncle (same surname) and still has a copy of the deposit cheque. This seems to suggest it might be a two owner car.

The bonnet comes with the car despite it not being fitted - that is half the value of the current bidding ! The cylinder heads need attending to and refitting, but are with the car. The car chassis had some restoration in 2010, at that time the car reportedly had £5,000 spent on it.

Perhaps worth a drive down to Woking in Surrey where the car is located.

Let's hope that we see this one back on the road.


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