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Registration Number Sold

My wife repeatedly told me how she disliked the registration number that came with the TVR when we bought the car. The registration number: MIL 1702.

Ideal for someone named Millie, Mills or Millington I guess, but that meant nothing to our family.

This week I placed the registration number with a well known registration number selling service, who provided me with a quote outlining the net value that would be returned to me if the number were to be sold. I accepted the valuation.

Within 24 hours, the service telephoned me to say they had a buyer for the registration mark and did I wish to continue to sell the number. I agreed.

The required documentation has been provided to the service, and I understand that the registration mark has been paid for by the buyer.

We wanted an age related registration mark, which we believe would better suit the car. Let's see what number DVLA now allocate to the vehicle.

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