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Winter - Check The Antifreeze Level

Below is a step by step guide of how to check the antifreeze level on your car;

For safety reasons, ensure the engine is cold. Remove the header tank cap with caution, there may be remaining pressure in the coolant system.

Hold an antifreeze tester vertically and lower the tip of the tester into the coolant.

Then gently squeeze the rubber bulb on the tester, this will draw coolant up to allow the float with the tester to move freely.

The mark on the float that is level with the surface of the coolant will provide you with an indication of the lowest temperature to which the antifreeze solution will provide.

An antifreeze tester shown above can be bought at the following eBay link:

Before you top up the coolant do make sure you use the correct concentration of antifreeze. Remember, that anti-freeze is not just for winter, it also provides year round protection as a rust inhibitor and so prevents internal corrosion and stops scale from building up which will affect the efficiency of the cooling system.

Triple QX antifreeze provides all year round protection for your car engine and can be left in the vehicle for up to 2 years, giving maximum protection.

It is a Ready Mixed Ethylene Glycol based Antifreeze giving Winter protection up to -36 centigrade. This product can be found in 1 litre containers, on eBay here:

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