Replacing The Clutch Slave Cylinder

IIt is suggested that you avoid replacing the seals by fitting a replacement seal kit, as this is rarely successful in the long term. Change both master and slave cylinders at the same time.


We would recommend that when replacing the clutch slave cylinder, you change it for a clutch slave cylinder that is fitted to the 90/110 series of Land Rover. Unless the car has been modified previously though, the Land Rover slave cylinder pipe end thread will now need to be 7/16UNF.

It has been said that the Land Rover slave cylinder might need to have a few mm filed away from a ridge on one side as it might catch the clutch housing, preventing it fitting in place. We however didn't experience this problem with the modification we undertook. 


Bleeding the TVR S series clutch is easy to do, and  should be done using an assistant. The master cylinder reservoir is quite small though, so will only take a few pedal depressions before needing to be topped up. 

Be aware that the bracket welds may have weakened over the years so do check them when you remove the bracket from the gearbox. 




TVR S1 Fractured Weld Clutch Slave Cylin